Nearly all of our clients use # tags at their events in order to engage the audience and promote active participation. For too long event goers have been setting in plenary halls listening to speakers and watching boring PowerPoint slides. Thanks to mobile technology and Event Apps we are not turning attendees into participants.

Once product that enhances this experience is Tweetwall. Here are just some of the benefits

Raise the Popularity of your Event

People love telling people where they are! By using your hashtag and by taking and sharing pictures, people create a buzz and raise the profile of your tradeshow or conference. New products and experiences are shared vitally multiplying your reach exponentially.

Transform Q&A Presentations

Forget about selecting a few people from the audience to ask questions. Inspire all attendees to Tweet questions using the TweetWall. Using the moderation tools, presenters can select engaging questions to answer during the event, and with post event reports, you can follow up with attendees directly.

Engage External Participants

Do you live stream your events over your website or other channels to extend your audience? Well you are not alone! But, how do you invite them in to the conversation? With a web embedded TweetWall, online viewers, are encouraged to join in!

Expand Sponsorship Opportunities

A TweetWall is a great way to incorporate sponsors. Sponsor logos, messages, videos, colors or Tweets can be highlighted generating additional sponsorship activity and funding opportunities.