Apple’s New App Approval Rules

Have you heard the news? Apple has updated their app store regulations and many event apps are being rejected because they fail to meet the new guidelines. Apple’s New App Approval Rules specifically target spam apps to keep them from filling up the app store. The additions they added to their rules ban “cookie cutter” or “template style” apps. Sometimes these are also referred to as “white label apps”.

Some event app providers are telling their customers that in order to get their app published in the Apple app store, they must go with their “container” type app that features their branding. 

THIS IS FALSE and is a scare tactic being used to get you to commit to using their app!

Publishing your app in a container app will hurt your brand, compromise security, and it will make it hard for your users to find the event in the app store, thus hurting your downloads and usage.

Our business model has always been to prioritise our client’s brand and their attendee’s user-experience.

For event organisers, this means that your event app is your app, completely branded to your organisation and not buried in your provider’s iOS app.

Our partners, Core-apps were the first native mobile app developer for the events industry. They started in 2009 and have produced thousands of apps. We have extensive experience working with Apple and other app store providers. We do not use a “container” app. We provide our customers with an app that has their own branding and a custom design.

The best part is, we do not cost any more than those “container app” companies. We also provide top rated customer service from staff that are deeply ingrained in the events industry.

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About the Author:

Darren Edwards is the founder of Invisage Creative Services in Australia. With more than two decades of experience in the meetings and events industry, Darren's passion is to connect people through supply of creative design and innovative event tech solutions. Invisage Creative Services has been providing creative and technology products to the Meetings and Associations industries since 1993, this has resulted in a solid understanding of the needs of professional conference organisers, associations and events. Darren understands that often event managers need to be budget conscious and utilise effective time management strategies as they are often steered by volunteers and sub-contractors. Invisage as developed its products and services with this in mind in order to save you both time and money whilst still maintaining a professional presence. Core services include graphic design, mobile event apps, association apps, polling solutions, email marketing and surveys, document submission portals, collaboration tools and technology consulting. info@invisage.net | www.invisage.net

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