Hashtags Versus Mentions

Do you # or do you @?

If you are confused about the when’s and where’s of using these then you are certainly not alone. I will try and shed some light on Hashtags Versus Mentions.


@invisage – @mentions are for talking to someone. These show up in your timeline, your followers see them, and they show up in your recipients @ mentions in-box, and people can search twitter for these.

To view tweets where people have mentioned you: login to twitter, click ‘home’ and then click ‘@mentions.’
Or go to search.twitter.com and search for @yourusername.

You want to thank a customer: @invisage thanks for your support.
You want to ask a question: @invisage are your event apps the best?
You want to send a shout out: Shout out to @invisage your event tech products are awesome!
You want to recommend something: @invisage really did a great job on my conference website!
You want to mention people, and you want them to get it in their @ inbox: @invisage and @eventapps did a great job.


#invisage – #hashtags are for talking about something. These show up in your timeline, your followers see them, and people can search twitter for these.

To view hashtags of people talking about you or your industry, go to search.twitter.com and search #yourusername or #yourindustry.

You are at a conference: #sampleevent there will be a meet-up @docklands in Melbourne at 8pm on 08/09.
Another conference idea: Have conference attendees use a special conference hashtag, such as #sampleevent, to comment or ask questions.
You want to talk about a company: #invisage has just launched a new website!
You want to make up your own topic: If you want to follow my ideas, follow the hashtag #invisage

I hope this helps.

About the Author:

Darren Edwards
Darren Edwards is the founder of Invisage Creative Services in Australia. With more than two decades of experience in the meetings and events industry, Darren's passion is to connect people through supply of creative design and innovative event tech solutions. Invisage Creative Services has been providing creative and technology products to the Meetings and Associations industries since 1993, this has resulted in a solid understanding of the needs of professional conference organisers, associations and events. Darren understands that often event managers need to be budget conscious and utilise effective time management strategies as they are often steered by volunteers and sub-contractors. Invisage as developed its products and services with this in mind in order to save you both time and money whilst still maintaining a professional presence. Core services include graphic design, mobile event apps, association apps, polling solutions, email marketing and surveys, document submission portals, collaboration tools and technology consulting. info@invisage.net | www.invisage.net

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