It is no secret that exhibitors attend events in order to find new business, re-establish existing relationships and demonstrate products and services. There are also a host of other reasons but these fundamental objectives are the reason that exhibitions exist. So what do you do about providing exhibitors with more than qualified leads?

I have been involved in the exhibition and events industry for the past 20 years and as event marketers we are constantly on the lookout for new tools, marketing methods and communication systems that will allow us to add greater value to an exhibitor’s participation; before, during and after the event.

In recent years Event Apps have come become a dynamic promotional and resource sharing tool that exhibitors have been able to harness and exploit. No longer are their promotional activities limited to the event open dates. Using these tools exhibitors can now communicate with and generate leads for as long as the event app lives. Recent enhancements to these apps, such as true leads modules (not basic business card capture scanners) which allow real-time lead capture and analysis, have added additional real return on investment for exhibitors.

The thing I love about event technology is that there is no end point. Developers are constantly searching for better ways to do what we have always done and to help us be smarter and more efficient in delivering on our events promises.

The exciting news is that I have recently had the opportunity to review a software platform that not only adds additional value to exhibitors but to attendees and the event managers as well. The particularly exciting aspect of this technology is that it now integrates, as of August 20, seamlessly with the industry’s leading mobile event apps to deliver a comprehensive suite of tools that will add value to all stakeholders.

GoExpo, founded in 2008 and currently headquartered in Las Vegas, is the tradeshow software designed to bring more qualified buyers to exhibitor booths by matching attendees to their product interests.

GoExpo provides a private social networking platform, an online exhibitor directory, interactive floor plan, dashboard emails, newsletters, an online conference/speaker system, new revenue generating products, searchable exhibitor and product lists, show planners, booth contracts, a system for managing VIP/hosted buyer events, segment marketing, social networking, messaging, appointment scheduling, a self-service portal, exhibitor email invitations, flexible integrations, 3rd party support, mobile apps, real-time financial and usage reports, legendary customer service, and many other easy-to-use features that enhance the show experience for the attendees, exhibitors and show management.

GoExpo integrates seamlessly with leading event apps, existing registration and exhibitor software, allowing registrants to immediately access the system upon the completion of their registration and exhibitors to immediately access the system upon completion of their booth contract. Using the attendees’ demographic profiles, GoExpo’s search engine returns recommended exhibitors, products and seminar matches in real-time. Attendees can easily add these recommendations to their planner, or contact exhibitors for more information via the internal GoExpo messaging system. Exhibitors also receive recommended matches based on the demographic information they entered during registration.

The fully-customizable software seamlessly integrates with the event’s existing website and also offers new and exciting revenue generating products. In addition to traditional sponsorship opportunities, exhibitors can purchase enhanced product listings and entries in an online (or onsite) product showcase. All purchases are handled online through the secure e-commerce interface in GoExpo or can be entered manually when the event wishes to collect payments directly.

GoExpo Event Software is a customizable event management app that provides networking and scheduling components that are intuitive for attendees, exhibitors and show management. The browser based system is accessible from anywhere, including mobile devices.

Industry clients and colleagues kept asking me if I was aware of a single offering that would allow them to manage multiple vendors and provide seamless tools that would allow them to ‘get the job done’. I have looked at many options in the marketplace and GoExpo’s comprehensive platform blew me away.

It will be interesting to see the impact this platform will have on our industry as all event stakeholders begin to experience the features and benefits that it has to offer.