In our business I am often asked or required (mostly just enjoy doing it) to review and assess new and innovative products that will add value too and enhance business events. With so many new tech products emerging daily it is difficult for anyone to know what or where to implement these new tools. How do you Select your Event Tech?

One has to be extremely careful while riding this tech wave not to get caught up in the flood of technology. It is important not to deploy new technology just to innovate as often a simple ‘show of hands’ is quicker and more accurate than a sophisticated voting system. (Not to say these systems don’t have their place but polling is only useful if you actually use the data; and most people don’t). This article is not about polling though so I won’t get off topic.

In selecting what technology tools to deploy at your events I am a firm believer that all new and existing products must be reviewed and assessed to comply with the following selection criteria: (You may have your own but this one works for our business and that of our clients).

  • Add benefit to our clients, their events and all event stakeholders
  • Be profitable to the event (this can be directly or via sponsorship and advertising revenue)
  • Easy to comprehend and use
  • Easy to promote
  • Easy to sell
  • Easy to deliver
  • Carry minimal risk
  • Require minimal technical support
  • Be Innovative
  • Not replace existing products and services unless they add value and make ‘Life Easier’ for all

For anyone who has managed a meeting or provided a presentation to a group, mobile tech distraction is an increasingly common challenge that needs to be managed during a live meeting: ringing, texting, email checking, “tweeting”, “angry-birding”…how to keep your attendees engaged and focused among all these distractions?

The use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops at events has become so prevalent that event planners need to find effective solutions to incorporate them into daily practices and, moreover, turn them into engaging and learning tools.