Due to the need to enhance the live attendee experience, the value of mobile devices for events has increased immensely. The justification for having a native Event App has now moved beyond reasons that solely benefit the event organizer (being green, going paperless, creating revenue streams or being able to communicate changes to participants in real time) to those that also benefit the event attendees, turning them into participants. Now, it’s entirely possible to build a participants experience around the benefits afforded by mobile devices—an advantage that no other event-industry technology has or can offer.

The question I often hear from clients is – “Do you have solutions to engage users without SmartPhones?” Or “We want to be totally Green, and to save on printing our maps and event guides – what can we do?”

I recently caught up with a leading Event Tech organisation, Core Apps, and this is what I discovered…

The answer is simple thanks to new technology by Core-Apps – Event WayFinder Kiosks!!! FollowMe WayFinders are a powerful engagement tool and are available in two versions; a large touch screen and/or as iPad kiosks that can be branded for your event.

Large Touchscreen Version:

The large touchscreen version can consist of a single touchscreen or a dual screen, with the top unit displaying separate content – allowing for even more features and sponsorship placements.

The touchscreen is totally interactive, allowing event attendees to:

  • Search for sessions, exhibitors, and upcoming events
  • Build hit-lists and use them to plan their route around the event
  • Route using the interactive floor plan
  • Engage in session evaluations
  • Check-in to sessions

All search results can be printed right at the kiosk, allowing users to navigate the event with ease.
In the dual screen version, you can also include rich media applications – such as live or pre-recorded video, social networking feeds, and PPT.

Separate metrics for each unit are tracked and reported in Core-Apps real-time online stats portal.

iPad Kiosk Version:

The iPad kiosk version is an inexpensive way to engage users when you have limited space, or a smaller budget. The iPad is mounted on a stand which minimised floor space use whilst maximizing functionality similarly to Core-Apps large screen WayFinders.

In addition to all Core-Apps Event App’s functions and features, the iPad kiosk can be customized in order to allow users to:

  • Evaluate sessions
  • Check in for CEU or CPD credits
  • E-mail handouts
  • E-mail exhibitor and session information for later use

Besides being able to incorporate all of Core-Apps Event App’s functions and features, the developer can customize devices into kiosk mode, which can then be utilized for session evaluation, check-in for CEU/CPD credits, emailing handouts, and emailing exhibitor and session information. The iPad Kiosk also contains multiple opportunities for revenue generating via sponsorship.

Separate metrics for each unit are tracked and reported in Core-Apps real-time online stats portal.

If you’re looking for a way to capture floor traffic around your WayFinders, Core Apps have the solution; Scanalytics Mats which are designed to capture floor traffic and provide analytics for the ultimate Return on Investment.

Adding WayFinders to any event will enhance your participants experience, promote your Green initiative, and provide a reportable ROI!!