The following tips will help in guiding you through some of the various features of FollowMe, EventLink and EventExpress.


Data Updates

Once an hour the app will automatically check for updates for the event. This allows the event organiser to keep you updated with the latest info. To force a data refresh at another time, click the button on the top right corner of the dashboard that looks like two arrows. You will require an internet connection for the data to refresh.



The Settings for the app is accessed at the top left of the dashboard by tapping the gear symbol. Settings allows you to pre-enter personal information for ease of communicating with other event attendees via the friends feature. The settings area also allows you to invite others to download the app as well as providing a link to email all conference notes to yourself at any time.



From time to time the event organiser will sent alerts to you via the app. These alerts will contain important information relating to the event. The most recent alerts will always appear in the ‘Recent Activity’ area of the dashboard. All alerts can also be accessed by clicking the alerts icon.


Upcoming Schedule

Initially this does not show until you create your schedule. Once you have created your schedule, the next item on your schedule will appear and continue to update as the show goes on. This will also update if you import your schedule from the show website.


My Schedule

Initially this area will not contain data until you create your event schedule. Once you have created your schedule you will be able to browse all of the events that you have chosen to attend. This information is only available to you unless you choose to share your schedule via the friends feature.



Click the Events icon to view all sessions planned for this event. To add an event to your schedule simply tap the star key at the top right and this will automatically add the event to your schedule. If you want to delete the event, tap the star button again to take this off your schedule. Events can also be added without going into the event detail by tapping the star on the left side in the events list. You will receive an alert if you add sessions with conflicting times. Events are listed by day and time. To scroll to the next day use the arrow keys next to the date and day.

When you have clicked through to an event you will see all relevant details and will also have the ability to take notes and rate the session right in the app. Speakers are also listed at the bottom of the event details along with any relevant session handouts. Simply tap the speakers name to access their bio.



Access all relevant venue and exhibition information here. Use the multi touch capability to pinch and zoom to see the finer detail. All of the booths are “hot” and when clicked will provide you with information about the exhibitor (such as contact, web, and handouts). Booth spaces coloured yellow are your favourites. You can easily locate an exhibitor on the event map by tapping the locate button. Located exhibitors will be highlighted in red. Once you have visited an exhibitor, simply click the visited button and they will be highlighted green on the map. This makes it easy for you to bookmark exhibitors and to know which ones you have been to see.



Provides access to all speakers and presenters at this event. You can also access sessions and abstracts associated with each speaker via the speaker’s icon.



The initial view is by category and if you scroll down it will list alphabetically. You can also search by dragging down the screen with your finger which will reveal a search bar. Searches can be done by exhibitor name, keywords, booth number, etc. Searches may appear to hang for a second but they are dynamically producing your list from the search criteria. Remember: they will bring up everything to do with the search string you put in.


Exhibitor detail screen – Shows exhibitor information.



Exhibitors can be flagged as favourites by taping the star button at the top left. This will add them to the favourites list and highlight them on the floor map in yellow. You can tap the star button on the full exhibitor list to get a list of only your favourites.



Taping this button will take you to the correct hall, venue, etc. and show you where the exhibitor is on the show floor. The exhibitor will be highlighted in red.

If Wi-Fi is on, this feature will also tell you what hall you are in if you select an exhibitor in a different hall.



Handouts are located at the bottom of the exhibitor detail screen. Handouts can be downloaded for viewing now or later or emailed. Downloaded handouts will also appear on the dashboard of the app under the downloads icon.



The posters icon provides direct access to the posters being presented at this event. Posters are listed by day and time. To scroll to the next day use the arrow keys next to the date and day. Once in a poster presentation you will also have access to the digital poster in PDF format, if provided by the author.



The abstract icon provides direct access to the abstracts of presentations and posters being presented at this event. Abstracts are listed alphabetically or numerically.

When viewing an abstract you will also have access to the full paper or poster in PDF format, if provided by the author.


Friends Feature

The friends feature allows you to connect with other attendees from within the app. This allows you to share your schedule and chat from within the app instead of going out to text people regularly, and is a great way for connecting with new people and allows you to exchange contact information via the app.


Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is where you can upload photos you take at the event. Currently photos are admin approved, meaning they will not show up in the app right away but may once the event organiser has approved them. Check back often for updates on the event.



You can view and post to the feed using the events #tag. Posting requires an active twitter account.