Create engaging and interactive experiences

With EventLink, you can update your schedule at any point in time, and all of your attendees will have access to the latest information on their mobile devices.

We started with a question:

What would a great trade show application look like?

  • It would include a colorful interactive schedule that allowed you to see personal events and show events.
  • It would include an events list that made it easy to find what you want and put that on your calendar.
  • It would include a colorful interactive map that allowed attendees to find their way.
  • Clicking a booth would bring up helpful information like how to contact the exhibitor, a company description, and any handouts they had.

A great application would do more. It would include:

  • Social media
  • Information about speakers and keynotes
  • Offer you real-time updates from show organizers
  • Give you access to group discounts at local merchants
  • It would work OFFLINE so you can use it on the airplane or the trade show floor where Internet service is unreliable.

What can you do for me?


FollowMe enhances your trade show experience beyond anything else available on a phone. Unique features that include linking friends to each others' schedules, interactive floor maps with routing to booths, social media, and the ability to download brochures from the exhibitors so you don't have to carry around bags of paper are just some of the best features.

As an attendee, FollowMe gives you the whole show in your pocket. No more fumbling with wasteful paper schedules that are quickly out of date or lugging around tote bags filled with unsorted brochures.

Paper schedules and programs are out of date the moment they're printed. With FollowMe, you have immediate accesss to:

  • Up to date schedules. If an event is cancelled or moved, you know.
  • Speaker bios. Know who you're seeing without having to flip pages.
  • Exhibitor profiles. Contact an exhibitor or vendor directly from your device.
  • Interactive maps that tell you where you are, and how to get where you're going. No more guessing which booth or hall you're in.
  • Alerts (Know if a time changed or a special event is about to start).
  • "Handouts" that you can view and store on your device. Why carry 100+ pages when they can all be on your device?

You can also stay abreast of the social scene through integrated Twitter, photos that you and other attendees have taken, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn.* The built-in Friends feature allows you to message and share schedules with other attendees, and you can make appointments with vendors right from the app.

Paper is dead. The future is digital. FollowMe from Invisage will make your show more productive, interactive, and enjoyable.

*Features vary by show. Not all features are available in all apps.


Event Organizers

FollowMe is designed not only for use at trade shows, but for communicating with members 365 days a year. You will love the real-time alerts feature that lets you keep your members up-to-date before, during and after the show. Follow Me will work with any software that you are using today and requires little work for organizers.

It's happened to all of us. It's the day of the show, and someone points out that your Keynote's name is misspelled, or that the fundraising dinner is listed at the wrong time. Panic ensues. Someone quickly types up an errata sheet and someone runs to the copy store to print out a few thousand copies, most of which never get seen.

With FollowMe, typos and changes take seconds to fix, and cost nothing. No wasted paper, no stress.

Having a book signing? A contest? Imagine if you could unobtrusively notify attendees wherever they might be. With FollowMe, you can send "push" alerts that appear on their phone or tablet whenever you'd like.

FollowMe is so much more than just a replacement program. It's a way for you to directly interact with your attendees. You'll get stats on how people use the app, which devices are most popular, and even user-provided sessions ratings ready to be analyzed with any paper needing to be processed.

FollowMe also supports sponsorships, banner ads and other revenue streams that can enrich your conference or show. Why sell a sponsor an ad in a program that will get looked at once when they can have their message presented in the app several times a day, or even as a video?

Our friendly sales staff will be happy to explain the many options available.