Manual Mode Request

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Manual admin activation request

Our Event Apps® platform has been developed to allow two modes of app data management; Bulk Import and Manual Entry.

When you are ready to enter full manual mode please complete and submit the form below. We will then close off the import system completely for the items you have selected and will issue you with admin login credentials.

bulk import

Bulk Import Mode

This mode allows us to import your data in bulk batches from data templates that you provide. Import mode is a great feature to utilise during development as it only requires that you maintain a data template that we provide and we take care of the rest. Please note that most data imports take between 24-48 hours to complete.


manual import

Manual Import Mode

This mode allows you to maintain your own data through an online admin portal. The system is very intuitive and currently allows you to manage sessions, speakers, exhibitors and poster sessions. There is not yet a way to edit sub-sessions, posters or abstracts in the admin site right now as these are new features of our apps. It will be added in future releases. Changes made in manual mode can take up to 10 minutes to take effect.


important note

Important Note

It is extremely important to note that these modes of data management cannot be run concurrently. Once you make the decision to switch to manual mode this decision cannot be undone. What this means is that any bulk updates will need to be done through the online portal and this can be a time consuming process.