Being Green

Sustainability is at the core of all our creative and technical products and services.

Environmental Awareness

Great people and our strong culture are foremost contributors to our success and we highly value our ethical and long-term environmental perspective. This perspective includes the desire to make Envionmental considerations central to the way we do business. With this goal in mind, we are proud to be actively participating in the following initiatives:


Technology Products

We introduce technology to events where the use of this technology adds true value to the event; not just for the sake of technology. One value that cannot be overlooked is the greening aspect that our products can have on an event. Save on paper, transport, travel…the list is truly enormous when you start to consider the impacts on our environment and how you can help simply by harnessing technology at your next event.


Event Apps…Greening Events

Typical events require a wide range of printed collateral including registration brochures, final programs, exhibitor listings, session handouts and speaker abstracts. Event Apps make it possible for you to green your event and significantly reduce the volume of printed collateral required, saving time and money, by placing that information right in the hand of each of your attendees via their smart phone.



Exhibit Recycling Program

We have developed a comprehensive exhibit recycling program designed to reduce the volume of retired exhibit materials reaching landfills.

This program features the reuse and recycling of nearly all exhibit materials, including aluminium, plastic, wood, particle board, corrugated cardboard, fabric, metal, laminate, nylon, Velcro, paper, Styrofoam, foam packing material and carpet.

It is not enough for us to be doing this and our desire is to assist others in doing the same. Introducing Display Trader.


Paperless Office

The paperless office has been a long time coming but we are happy to say that we have been able to drastically reduce our use of paper products by providing all communication, quotations, artwork proofs, press checks and final accounts electronically. We also use electronic mediums for sending final artwork files to print, further reducing our carbon emissions.


Carbon Footprint

We are working hard to reduce carbon emissions through the use of energy efficient lighting, heating and solar hot water systems. Our design offices have been awarded with a 6.2 Star Energy Efficient rating. Our preferred print partners are 100% carbon neutral and use solar power, solar hot water, free cooling and self managed rain water in order to provide comprehensive print services.